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Tractor Trailer/CDL

Springs Valley High School – Mr. Timothy Golden

Hello! My name is Mr. Golden and I teach CDL/Tractor trailer courses through Lost River Career Cooperative at Springs Valley High School. We are currently meeting in room 201 for our instructional time for periods 5-7. We also have hands-on learning at off campus locations for getting acquainted with our equipment.
This program begins with learning the general knowledge, air brake, and combination portion of the CDL manual, these sections are required for obtaining a class “A” CDL. We also work our way through each of the endorsements offered in the CDL manual, Obtaining these additional endorsements is not a requirement but only helps to enhance your resume for obtaining future employment, this is also useful for those students that may only be interested in obtaining a class “B” CDL.

We go through the process of learning the pre-trip inspection of our vehicle, which is a requirement for procuring your CDL.

We have previously gone to Orange County Beverage for practicing the pre-trip inspection, but we will be incorporating our own truck and trailer into the program for this purpose in the future. We will also learn driving and backing skills in order to pass the skills portion of the test required for obtaining your CDL.

The trucking industry is booming with job opportunities with aggressive pay and benefit packages offered by each company. The opportunity for employment is wide open to anyone with enough interest to reach out and grasp it. I encourage any of you to contact me if you have any questions about this course of study at

Offered At:

  • Springs Valley High School