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Health Science

Springs Valley – Cynthia Chastain

Dual Credit (No Qualifying scores)

Health Science Careers content includes skills common to specific health career topics such as patient nursing care, dental care, animal care, medical laboratory, public health, an introduction to health care systems, anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology. Leadership skills developed through HOSA participation are also included. Lab experiences are organized and planned around the activities associated with the student’s career objectives. Job seeking and job maintenance skills, personal management skills, self-analysis to aid in career selection and completion of the application process for admission into a post-secondary program of their choice are also included in this course The students will also have an opportunity to complete the Indiana State Approved Nurse Aide curriculum in order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Students may also complete clinical rotations, which allow students the opportunity to rotate in different medical settings. Many of these students work part-time as a CNA while finishing high school or work part-time / full-time while in college.

Course description

Medical Terminology prepares students with language skills necessary for effective, independent use of health and medical reference materials. It includes the study of health and medical abbreviations, symbols, and Greek and Latin work part meanings taught within the context of body systems. This course builds skills in pronunciation, spelling, and defining new words encountered in verbal or written information. Students have the opportunity to acquire skills in interpreting medical records and communications accurately and logically.

Offered At:

  • Springs Valley