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Criminal Justice

Paoli, Springs Valley – Paul Andry

Hello! I’m Paul Andry and I teach criminal justice courses at Paoli and Springs Valley High Schools offered through the Lost River Career Cooperative Vocational School. I am excited to tell you about the opportunities to not only learn about the various facets of the criminal justice field but also to explain how you can get a huge jumpstart on college level courses and save thousands of dollars in the process.

I am a Vincennes University alum and a retired Indiana State Police detective having worked over thirty years in investigations and as a supervisor. In addition to those duties I was a certified police academy instructor and I am recognized as an expert in several areas of police operations. After retirement I worked for the Orange County Sheriff’s department as a detective before accepting the teaching position at Lost River where I am passionate about introducing students to the possibilities for a rewarding and exciting career in the criminal justice field.

The public safety pathway offered through Lost River currently includes four duel college credit courses, LAWE 100 Survey of Criminal Justice, LAWE 101 Police operations, LAWE 145 Ethics and Professionalism in Law Enforcement, and LAWE 150 Criminology. Each of these courses represents three college credit hours through Vincennes University, one of the most respected Criminal Justice programs in the United States. A student who completes this pathway has the potential to accumulate twelve (12) college credit hours not only saving money but significantly accelerating the student’s career trajectory. In addition to the college credits a professional accredited dispatching course is offered through the International Academy of Emergency Dispatchers. The CJ course instruction is also supplemented by actual professionals from within the CJ system who provide firsthand knowledge through guest speaking events both inside the classroom and through field trips to Criminal Justice facilities within the area.

The courses are presented in a real and hands on fashion by an experienced instructor, as students examine current issues and events, making the classes both interesting and relevant while exploring the challenging but exciting issues in the criminal justice system.

Offered At:

  • Paoli

  • Springs Valley